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Monday, September 01 2014 @ 07:12 AM EDT

Ada Romero Says She Has Confidence In The Investigation

PoliticsThe former Director of Labor, Ada Romero, has confidence in the investigation being conducted by the Fourth Anti-Corruption Prosecutor following a complaint she made about the use of an official video in a political attack ad against Vice President Juan Carlos Varela.

Romero hopes it can be proved state resources and personnel were used to produce the political attack ad that has according to her a political coloring. The former Director of Labor is also demanding they respect and ensure the privacy all citizens should have, whether they are the employees (of the company Varela Hermanos SA) or officials working in the Ministry of Labor and Workforce Development, acting in strict compliance with the law.

Romero failed to appear yesterday before the Fourth Anti-Corruption Prosecutor, who cited her as a witness in an official investigation based on her complaint, because there was no formal summons, said Miguel Antonio Bernal, Romero's lawyer. Bernal said she has not been given a formal summons and standard procedure states they have to send a formal subpoena duly written and confirmed by the corresponding judge in the case, so next Monday Bernal will go to the prosecutor's office to review his client's case file.

Romero said she has received telephone calls telling her to be careful. "You have to take care of yourself, when you walk keep your eyes wide open," she was told. Without giving many details, the former Director of Labor said it was a man's voice. (Prensa)

Editor's Comment: Ana Romero is a member of the Panameņista political party. Until May she worked in the Ministry of Labor as the National Director of Labor - one of the highest ranking and best paid positions in the ministry. Obviously she was hired as a political appointee as part of a deal struck when the alliance between the Cambio Democratico and Panameņista parties won the election in 2009. Romero was "sent on vacation" for 30 days, and when she returned in June she had been fired. No real surprise there, most of the other Panameņistas had already been purged out of the government. She probably swore her allegiance to the Cambio Democratico party when the purges of 2011 started in order to keep her job. She was the government employee who was responsible for the safekeeping of the case file within the Ministry of Labor that held the original videotape recorded when their officials conducted the inspection of the company Varela Hermanos SA. And once again, these complaints about the use of the official video in a political attack ad are simply secondary to the primary issue - that the company owned by the Vice President of Panama was refusing to pay their employees the minimum wage as required by law, and as a result they have been fined $102,500 dollars.

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