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Wednesday, August 20 2014 @ 10:22 PM EDT

Complaints Filed Against Doctors In Penonomé

Franklin Vergara - Panama's Minister of Health
Franklin Vergara - Panama's Minister of Health
Health Minister Franklin Vergara confirmed complaints have been filed against several doctors working in the Aquilino Tejeira Hospital located in Penonomé, including a foreign doctor, over the deaths of newborns, and because of these cases there is a complaint that will be taken before the new accusatory system. Similarly, he said the issue of the deaths is not unique to this hospital, but nationally, however very few are recorded. (Dia a Dia)

Editor's Comment: The Ministry of Health and the Social Security System are trying to fill positions for doctors in the interior of the country, specifically for specialists. The Panamanian doctors don't want to fill those positions, or more accurately they don't want to do the work for the wages the Ministry of Health and the CSS are willing to pay. In response, the government authorities are trying to bring in foreign doctors to work and fill these positions, because there are trained and capable doctors available from other countries who would be happy to do these jobs. Recently complaints were filed against this woman foreign doctor in Penonomé, alleging malpractice. In reality it's much more likely these complaints are politically motivated, because the doctors want to both keep the foreign doctors out and also coerce the government and force them to pay higher wages. On another note, it would probably be possible to file a similar complaint against the Panamanian doctors every time someone dies in a hospital for any reason. In this case we are not hearing about the details of the deaths, how these infants died, under what conditions, or what caused their deaths.

The only "headline" is that a complaint has been filed against the foreign doctor. They want to paint the foreign doctors as bad or otherwise unworthy. And at the same time, the simple existence of this complaint will act as a deterrent for any other foreign doctor who might be considering taking a position in Panama. The message is clear - be careful, because within six months you will have a stack of malpractice complaints piled up against you. So the bottom line remains the same as always - they're fighting over the money. Screw the people, we just want more money. Isn't it wonderful when the government runs the health care system?

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