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Tuesday, September 02 2014 @ 07:35 AM EDT

Tejeira - Martinelli Was Giving Papadimitriu Time To Reconsider

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Javier Tejeira - Panama's Vice Minister of Government
Javier Tejeira - Panama's Vice Minister of Government
President Ricardo Martinelli gave the former Minister of the Presidency Demetrio Papadimitriu time to reconsider his decision to resign on 12 July. This was revealed on Tuesday, July 17, by the Vice Minister of Government, Javier Tejeira, who said in the end yesterday afternoon, Monday, 17 July, it was decided to appoint Roberto Henriquez as the new Ministry of the Presidency. Tejeira added he has not spoken in person with Papadimitriu, so he does not know the details of why he decided to resign.

Official Silence - On TVN News, the deputy minister also recognized that during this past weekend there was a lot of speculation "and a lot of waiting." And, during that period, no official of the Martinelli administration explained Papadimitriu's resignation, which was published on Friday 13 July in the newspaper La Estrella. The Deputy Minister praised the work of Henriquez while he was in charge of both the Minsitry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Trade and Industry. "I think we have a minister [Henriquez] with solid credentials, a man who is honored and respected," he said. (Prensa)

Editor's Comment: OK, so that's going to be the official government position. Martinelli was giving Papadimitriu time to reconsider his decision. Whatever, it's over. He's gone, and it's a done deal. But in end I don't think Martinelli is ready to fully turn on Papadimitriu and throw him under the Metro Bus. It would be easy to say he had to leave because he was caught as involved in an act of corruption (Juan Hombron). However if there's anyone who knows where the bodies are buried - it's Jimmy Papadimitriu. And as a matter of fact, that's probably why Martinelli was fighting so hard to keep him on board. Anyway, this too will fade from the public spotlight, and we can move on to the next politically motivated corruption scandal. I mean, there's no shortage of building material. CEMIS, anyone?

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