Martinelli Wants The UN To Take Over The Internet

Wednesday, July 18 2012 @ 05:48 PM UTC

Contributed by: Don Winner

During his speech before the Connect the Americas Summit, taking place in Panama, President Ricardo Martinelli announced he would propose to the United Nations (UN) a global regulation of the IP numbers in publications for or against any person or organization through the Internet. Martinelli said there are people who are currently engaged in denigrating others through identity theft, without any control, and without the possibility of knowing who is responsible for those comments. "They are destroying the reputations of countries, individuals and families unfairly and necessary. It is very important that this wildness that exists in this moment, be controlled, such as child pornography," he said.

The Panamanian leader advocates that there be some mechanism that can identify those responsible for each post or comment made through the internet. He also proposed that each publication has a life span. "As global citizens we all have a responsibility to know who is speaking for and against in a mass medium like the Internet, and must have an expiration date for all things that are written for and against ... we will be guilty by omission if we don't do anything about it." (Telemetro)

Editor's Comment: Hoo boy. There's no doubt about, Ricardo Martinelli is a control freak. The one thing he can't control is the Internet. And if he knew anything at all about how IP addresses work, I would know two things. First of all, it's not controlled by the UN. Secondly, his plan won't work so by simply proposing such a thing it he looks woefully ignorant. The "expiration date" concept is interesting. Martinelli doesn't like the fact that once an article or element if information is published on the Internet, it's there forever. He apparently wants things to go away, so people will forget them. Yeah, controlling the minds of others. Controlling the Internet, Controlling the use of IP addresses. These are the things of dreams for control freaks. Wow. I mean, really. Is this the kind of stuff we can expect in the post-Papadimitriu world? Next, maybe a proposal to abolish the color orange? I hear he doesn't like orange...

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