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Saturday, August 30 2014 @ 12:30 PM EDT

Minister of Health Asks Nurses and Health Technicians For Patience

HealthcareThe nurses' union said this Thursday, July 19, they will march to the presidency to demand the permanent placement of their colleagues who work in the Ministry of Health. Meanwhile, the agency asked for patience, saying they will soon be named. The Ministry requested medical personnel, technicians, and nurses to remain confident about the joint effort between the presidency and the Ministry of Economy and Finance, and that those who are currently working on a contract will be named to permanent staff positions. The request from the Ministry of Health comes after the nurses have staged pickets and demonstrations during the last three days, demanding the permanent placement of their colleagues. The group said this type of temporary contract psychologically affects the professionals who are working in the medical centers of the MoH.

Promise - Health Minister Franklin Vergara said that since the beginning of his administration he has been working to achieve permanent positions that previous governments did not create. "It is our responsibility to make permanent all officers, nurses, technicians, who are responsible for providing health care for all Panamanians," said Vergara. Vergara said the government is conscious of the urgent needs to continue to give jobs to all of these personnel. However, for budgetary reasons peculiar to the investments made in terms of supplies, medications and disease prevention, they have not been able to cover the permanent positions with the speed the health officials expect. (Prensa)

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