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Saturday, August 30 2014 @ 12:27 AM EDT

Tourism Minister Defends The Use Of Negative Political Attack Ads

PoliticsThe Minister of Tourism, Solomon Shamah today defended the use of the negative campaigns against Vice President Juan Carlos Varela, saying what is said i them is true, but not nice. Shamah said the fact that Varela was not paying his workers the proper minimum wage should be the cornerstone for the people to know what will happen if he becomes president.

The comments of the Minister of Tourism occur after the Archbishop of Panama, Monsignor José Domingo Ulloa, urged the political parties to sign an ethical agreement to end the negative and dirty campaigning.

On his Twitter account, the Panameñista Deputy Adolfo Valderrama said they hit Shamah where it hurts, because there are no prizes for being unable to air dirty campaign ads. Valderrama wondered why Shamah would not explain how he obtained the video in which the workers say they are not being paid minimum wage, when MITRADEL officials made ​​an inspection in the company. (TVN)

Editor's Comment: The Panameñista guys are trying to make the discussion about the video itself, and how the contents and the material was obtained. Obviously, the CD guys want to make the discussion about how Varela's company doesn't pay their workers the proper minimum wage. The argument comes down to how the workers are classified. Varela says they are liquor industry workers, who are paid ten cents less per hour of labor. The Ministry of Labor says they are sugar cane workers - because they are the ones who process the raw sugar cane to be turned into liquor. And who is the decision maker on this one? The government. Hence - Varela loses, both on the law in in the court of public opinion. Oh yeah, the CD guys used raw video obtained through unscrupulous means to "out" Varela. Most of the little guys would applaud that act. This really is the end for any hopes Varela might have had for the 2014 elections. He was toast already, but by now he's sort of crispy, and dripping fat into the fire. His odds of winning the next election are so low, his own mother might not even vote for him. And to make matters worse, Mireya Moscoso might mount a primary challenge.

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