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Wednesday, September 03 2014 @ 12:34 AM EDT

Afu Says Defense Lawyers Preventing Torrijos From Testifying In The CEMIS Case

CorruptionThe National Assembly Deputy who is a member of the ruling Democratic Change political party Carlos Afu said Friday July 20 he does not understand why the defense lawyers representing the former president Martin Torrijos do not want him to testify. Afu said Torrijos and his lawyers have filed 17 incidents to keep him from being called to testify (in the CEMIS case), to denounce the judge/prosecutor Abel Zamorano, and he has presented a letter to the President of the Central American Parliament to resign as deputy of the PARLACEN. "All of this is to delay, and to keep him from being brought to justice," said Afu. He added "he has to guard something, and he he does not want (to testify.)"

Afu further stated "I am already calm. I have asked Santa Librada and God to decide, and if the case falls then it's for him." Afu said he did what no one else has dared to do - to show the $6,000 dollars he was given (as a bribe, in exchange for his vote on the CEMIS project). He said he challenges the former President Martin Torrijos, the lawyer Carlos Carrillo, and Leonel Solis to submit to a polygraph test, to see who is lying. (Estrella)

Editor's Comment: Yup. It's pretty obvious. Torrijos is doing anything and everything to keep from facing justice in the CEMIS case. He does not want to testify under any circumstances. In short, by all appearances he got caught red handed handing out $200,000 dollars in bribe money to PRD politicians in the National Assembly, in order to secure their vote in favor of the CEMIS project back in 2001. All of this came to light back then, but it was buried by the PRD controlled Supreme Court. Once Ricardo Martinelli came to power and the PRD lost control of the Supreme Court, then - WHAP! - the CEMIS case comes back to life to further haunt Martin Torrijos. The simple fact that Torrijos was forced to take the relatively drastic step of resigning from the PARLACEN in order to avoid being tried by the Supreme Court - where he was sure to lose - is an indication of the precariousness of Torrijos' legal and political position. And as far as the CD is concerned - for them it's time to break out the popcorn and watch the show. They will slow-roast the PRD from now until the 2014 elections...

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