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Wednesday, September 03 2014 @ 12:36 AM EDT

Varela Sees "Persecution" In The CEMIS Case Against Torrijos

CorruptionThe Vice President of Panama Juan Carlos Varela, who is also the President of the Panameņista political party, said today there should be a comprehensive investigation on the CEMIS case and it should not only be focused on one person, referring to former President Martin Torrijos. Varela said the investigation into the CEMIS case seems more like a persecution than an interest to clarify what happened, to find out who drove the project. "Justice must be impartial, and this case should not be used to divert attention from domestic issues," said Vice President Varela before the cameras of TVN when he went to the church of Santa Librada in Las Tablas. (TVN)

Editor's Comment: Maybe Varela doesn't know that the only reason the Supreme Court was about to call Martin Torrijos to trial is because he used to enjoy a level of immunity as a member of the Central American Parliament. Maybe Varela is simply ignorant of the other procedures related to the CEMIS investigations, being conducted by other courts in the Judicial Branch. Or maybe Varela is just so damn desperate to try to "score political points" anytime, anywhere, that he now finds himself in the position of having defended Martin Torrijos, the corrupt former president who apparently oversaw and managed the payments of $200,000 in bribes to PRD lawmakers in 2001. Yeah, good call, Juan Carlos.

It's fun to watch these politicians as they roll around in the mud. Let's see- who was running the country in 2001 when all of this CEMIS bullshit was going on? Oh yeah - MIREYA MOSCOSO from the Panameņista party. They were the ones who put this whole deal together, and "worked" with Torrijos to get it done. All of this was also tied to the vote to get Winston Spadafora and Alberto Cigarruista on the Supreme Court. Guys - this is now the reason why the country is being run by guys who have a banner of Democratic Change - because all of the standard politicians are a bunch of corrupt bastards and the people got tired of it. To the point they were ready to try something "crazy" for a "change" - because the PRD and Panameņistas are known and clearly identified as corrupt elements.

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Varela Sees "Persecution" In The CEMIS Case Against Torrijos | 1 comments | Create New Account
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Varela Sees \"Persecution\" In The CEMIS Case Against Torrijos
Authored by: Anonymous on Saturday, July 21 2012 @ 01:09 PM EDT

Perhaps Varela knows about the other inquiry in the Fourth Circuit Court which includes the Rodins and the rest of the elite PRD who took substantial bribes to approve CEMIS. Remember, Martin made the payments but all the PRD legislators, except Fito Altamirano and Tito Afu, accepted the money. It could be that he wants to get rid of more bandits and bury PRD for good in order to simplify his quest fot the Presidency in 2014. Who knows?