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Wednesday, August 20 2014 @ 02:31 PM EDT

U.S. Embassy and Danilo Perez Foundation Help Youth Through Music

Panama News Ambassador Jonathan Farrar participated in a celebratory signing of a grant to the Danilo Perez Foundation that will support music outreach to youth. Danilo Perez, Sr., Elizabeth de Perez, members of the Fulbright Alumni Association, Mike McCabe, Director of the USAID program Alcance Positivo, senior members of PROSI, and other important members of government and civil society also participated.

The grant for $89,500, funded through the Central American Regional Security Initiative (CARSI), will promote character and civic value development through musical education for children from underserved neighborhoods. The Danilo Perez Foundation will work with beneficiaries to help them become professionals in music or other compatible careers, and also good citizens and contributors to their communities. This project will benefit a total of 500 children and young people living in underserved communities and nearby areas. This project will target the communities of 24 de Diciembre; San Miguelito; Panama Centro.

In his remarks, Ambassador Farrar said “The Danilo Perez Foundation has a proven track record of success using music to inculcate civic values… Students benefit even if they do not go on to become professional musicians.”

The U.S. Agency for International Development contributed to this project through Alcance Positivo. The grant was designed to incorporate support from the Fulbright Alumni Association of Panama. (US Embassy Panama City - Press Release)

Editor's Comment: Hallelujah. Stop the presses. A press release from the US Embassy. To be fair - this was the 34th release from their office this year - a level of production representing about three days work for me. Hey! There's an idea! Fire all of those dudes who work in the Public Affairs office, and give me half of the money you used to be paying them. I will then guarantee to QUADRUPLE the output or pay double the money back. Deal? I mean, it would be no sweat whatsoever. In 2011 the US Embassy issued a grand total of 44 press releases. Meanwhile, in 2011 I published 2,599 articles on this website. In 2010 the US Embassy issued just 28 press releases, and during 2010 I published 2,601 articles on So let's see - over the past three years that's an average of 35 press releases per year - quadruple that for 140. Should take about ten days of effort. Done deal! where do I sign? (Hidden, subliminal message - get to work. You're lazy, inefficient, not productive, and not effective at what you're supposed to be doing. Aka - typical federal employee.) And for Mike Hammer - this article is published simultaneously on this website, Twitter and Facebook, with one button.

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