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Sunday, August 25 2019 @ 10:38 pm EDT

Papadimitriu Says His Resignation Didn't Have Anything To Do With Juan Hombron

CorruptionAfter leaving the hospital today, Friday July 20, the former Minister of the Presidency, Demetriu Papadimitriu, broke his silence and explained the reasons for his resignation submitted on 13 July. Papadimitriu, who was replaced by Roberto Henriquez, told RPC Radio his departure from the government had nothing to do with the case of the lands of Juan Hombrón, and that he resigned for personal reasons. He still has not said why he decided to resign by sending the letter to a local newspaper. "I left because of a personal matter. Resigned, I quit, and I'm not going back," reiterated the former Minister of the Presidency.

He added from now on will be more concerned for his health, and denied the problem of his blood pressure is associated with any disease, because he underwent several tests to rule out this possibility. According Papadimitriu, the recommendations given by the doctors were to lose weight and eat a balanced diet.

He also said he has had contact with representatives from the National Chamber of Transport (Canatra) and he will verify that the Metro Bus project complies with what he promised. He was behind the implementation of this transportation system that replaced the "red devils". Papadinitrui was hospitalized on Wednesday 18. (Panama America)

Editor's Comment: Yeah. Sure. We believe you. Nothing at all to do with Juan Hombron. Gotcha... Here's my analysis; Ricardo Martinelli simply had to issue that executive order to "kill" the Juan Hombron scandal, mostly for political reasons. This act screwed Papadimitriu's family out of potentially millions of dollars. He resigned in a huff, then was hospitalized due to the stress of the situation - torn between his commitments to his family and Martinelli. Now, upon leaving the hospital, he denies any connection. Err, bullshit.

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