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Tuesday, September 02 2014 @ 10:11 PM EDT

Looking For "Solutions" After Pueblo Nuevo Fire

Safety & SecurityAfter the fire that occurred on Friday July 13 on Calle 15 in Pueblo Nuevo, residents held protest actions saying they have not received a response to their needs.

In response to their protests, the Minister of Housing José Domingo Arias, announced today, Friday July 20, on RPC Radio, that they have carried out a social assessment of each of the 55 families, because when dealing with funds for social management, they must be used responsibly, and he said they have already interviewed the families to ascertain their income levels. "There is no uniform format for families (...)", said Arias.

He said the families without exception will receive a rented apartment until they are given a final solution. He also said some of the departments in the Miviot are there to receive them (the families). He said they cannot provide an immediate response by building new apartments on the same site where the fire occurred, there are only off-site solutions.

Arias said they have presented several options for lodging solutions in the departments of social projects, and with others who have land or properties have requested assistance with materials. (Panama America)

Editor's Comment: In Panamanian Spanish, when they talk about "solutions" after a fire like this, what they mean is apartments, houses, or a place for these people to live. In Panama it's actually rare for poor people to have any kind of fire insurance, so when a catastrophic fire destroys the homes of 55 families, it's expected that the government will step in to provide a "solution" for them. The land under the old wooden building that burned is privately owned, so normally the government can't just come in and build something on the same spot.

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