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Saturday, August 23 2014 @ 03:17 PM EDT

Aleman Says Varela Should Stop Stupid And Childish Fights With Martinelli

PoliticsThe former Foreign Minister and former presidential candidate from the Panameñista political party, José Miguel Alemán, called on his party's president, Juan Carlos Varela, to stop fighting "like kids" with the president, Ricardo Martinelli, and begin to give guidance to his party in the National Assembly by passing laws to benefit the country.

In an interview with the radio program La Hora 9 on KW Continente, Aleman admitted to being one of those who promoted the "Alliance for Change" between the CD and Panameñista parties, recognizing that in the end it was a mistake. "Politically speaking, for both the Panameñistas and the CD, we have all lost," Aleman thought. "This alliance from day one was done in political fever. Both Martinelli and Varela were thinking of 2014, and the results were disastrous politically."

He added that after the traumatic rupture of the alliance, Varela has fallen into "stupid fights" with the current government, saying through the social network Twitter that "all is bad" in the government, when the Panameñistas supported many projects while they were part of the ruling alliance.

Aleman also had criticism for the president. "The president has to be made of leather belt, but when he is triggered, he's a match." In addition, we he recommended that the President should withdraw the lawsuits against Varela and the PRD's Balbina Herrera.

The former foreign minister, said he along with other Panameñistas will deliver a package of proposals to Varela to promote them among other party members. One such proposal is described by Aleman is the establishment of price controls for basic food products, laid down in Article 231 of the Constitution. (Critica)

Editor's Comment: José Miguel Alemán was the Panameñista politician who was supposed to replace Mireya Moscoso in the 2004 elections. He was horse-whipped in the polls, mostly because after five years of the horribly corrupt Moscoso administration, the Panamanian voting public was about ready to lynch all of them. Martin Torrijos won that election with 47%, Guillermo Endara was second with 30%, Alemán was third with 16%, and Ricardo Martinelli was fourth with 5%.

It's interesting to see José Miguel Alemán starting to reemerge somewhat in the Panameñista party, further evidence of the relative weakness of Juan Carlos Varela. Of course the Panameñistas see their alliance with the CD as a disaster, because now they have no hope whatsoever of returning to power any time soon. If Varela had not been an ambitious idiot, they could have continued to play second fiddle to the CD forever. But because Varela got greedy, they got tossed out, and the MOLIRENA party will happily play the second fiddle spot abandoned by the Panameñistas.

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