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Saturday, February 23 2019 @ 05:33 AM UTC

Taboga Island And The Sea

Hotels Taboga Island people have lived from the sea for centuries. Many are fishermen, using small local pangas and handlines while some have traveled on large fishing vesels into the Pacific Ocean for months on end leaving their families behind and often coming back with the scars of such dangerous work. But the sea is what they know and love.

Historically for hundreds of years, Taboga Island was the first and only port for Panama City. The Pacific Steamship Company was based there. The company built and repaired steamships and brought workers to Taboga Island from as far afield as Scotland.

Nowadays many still fish, and others work in tourism as guides offering boat and hiking tours, or renting umbrellas and chairs at the beach. A number have small kiosks at the beach selling cold beer. Some are hosting visitors at one of the few small hotels on Taboga Island such as Cerrito Tropical B & B and cafe.

Without a doubt one of the main attractions of Taboga Island is the sea. Several months during the year Taboga and surrounds is visited by whales migrating and all year round it is home to numerous dolphins. Taboga Island is known for having great fishing, for that reason the whales and dolphins love it too!

July is one of the main months when the whales begin to appear around Taboga, although they have been spotted during other months of the year. Just this week a huge humpback whale was spotted from the balcony of Cerrito Tropical fishing and playing in the ocean in front of Taboga Island!

This month between Taboga and Contadora there have been dozens of whales spotted on whale watching tours; pods, mothers with babies, males vying for attention.

Visitors can reserve a Whale Watching tour to pick them up from the Taboga Pier for a day on the sea. Or if they prefer, a boat trip to see the Brown Pelican Refuge at the back of Taboga Island, a Fishing Tour with a local guide, or snorkeling by boat. More information on these and other tours offered through Cerrito Tropical B&B can be had by contacting them at the email address below.

For more information and background on Cerrito Tropical B&B Hotel and Restaurant please see this article on the website: Visit the Heart of Taboga Island and its Historic Beach Community - B&B Hotel Cerrito Tropical.

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