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Thursday, August 28 2014 @ 09:31 PM EDT

Blandon Says Martinelli Can't Be Trusted

PoliticsMartinelli has shown that his interests come first. The National Assembly Deputy from the Panameņista political party Jose Isabel Blandon said the president, Ricardo Martinelli, has shown that over any person or consideration, "are his interests." Blandon made his statements on the television program "Cuestionando Los Hechos" broadcast on Sunday morning, 22 July 2012, on RPC Channel 4.

Blandon said you can not have confidence in the Panamanian president's word because one day he says one thing and the next day he says another. Blandon said Martinelli has also shown he is capable of betraying someone who is close to him, if that suits him. Blandon was referring to the resignation of the Minister of the Presidency, Demetrio Papadimitriu, which he considers to be a "purely economic" issue.

Papadimitriu resigned as Minister of the Presidency on 12 July, the same day the President announced the expropriation of the lands of Juan Hombrón without compensation, land to which the Papadimitriu family is linked. Blandon said the people do not care if Papadimitriu left the government, but they do care about the actions of Martinelli.

Meanwhile, the former presidential candidate for the Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD), Balbina Herrera, said the country is in an institutional crisis. She said there is no balance in the branches of government, so she called on society to help strengthen the dialogue in the country.

Editor's Comment: All of these opposition politicians just want one thing - they all want to be the ones who are running the country and deciding how to spend the $15 billion dollars (or more) the government of Panama spreads around every year. Balbina Herrera didn't have any problem when the PRD was in control of all three branches of government from 2004 - 2009. And, Blandon was one of the primary people who helped set the alliance between the Panameņista party and the CD on fire - so who betrayed who? These people expect all voters to have a very short memory, but they don't.

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Blandon Says Martinelli Can\'t Be Trusted
Authored by: Ivan Perez on Sunday, July 22 2012 @ 01:06 PM EDT