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Wednesday, August 27 2014 @ 07:16 PM EDT

William Dathan Holbert aka "Wild Bill" Announces Book Plans

Expat TalesBy DON WINNER for - This afternoon William Dathan Holbert, also known as "Wild Bill", announced from prison in Panama his plans to publish a book detailing how he committed his crimes. According to his lawyer, Holbert had planned to publish his book after his preliminary hearing, but now that the hearing was cancelled, he has decided to go ahead and publish the book now.

Holbert called the channel 2 TVN news program and recorded an announcement in Spanish, in which he said the proceeds from the book would be donated to the Catholic church and a prisoners group he started. Holbert's lawyer also said supposedly the contents of the book would help her efforts to legally defend Holbert's partner Laura Michelle Reese, who has also been charged with all five murders in Panama. Holbert said the contents of the book would detail the specifics of how he supposedly committed the murders.

Editor's Comment: No real surprise here. Holbert wants to try to make some money by publishing a book. He said in his statement to TVN that he is now supposedly looking for the "right publisher" to print his book. Holbert has already confessed to having committed these five murders. His plan from the day Holbert and Reese were arrested was for him to take responsibility for all of the murders, in an attempt to get Reese off.

The problem is - Holbert is lying. Everyone in Bocas del Toro knows Holbert and Reese were always together. They committed a string of crimes and murders together, starting in the United States, continuing in Costa Rica, and ending in Panama when they were finally caught. This book will be nothing more than the same lies contained in Holbert's confession to the Panamanian authorities. Holbert has to try to cash in on this now, because he wants to try to reinforce his version of events, before the trial. However the Panamanian authorities have already gathered the evidence proving Holbert and Reese were together when the murders were committed.

Exactly where was Laura Michelle Reese standing when you hit Jeff Kline in the back of the head with a hammer? Where was she when you killed the Brown family? Who put Bo Icelar's body into the little red car? Who drove that car to the Barracuda? Who carried the body to Bill's boat? Who checked the floor to see if any blood had dripped onto the floor? Who drove the car back to Bo's house? Where was she standing when you killed Cher? Make sure those details are covered in your book full of bullshit, asshole. Are you also going to cover the other six people you killed in Costa Rica? Woof.

Copyright 2012 by Don Winner for Go ahead and use whatever you like as long as you credit the source. Salud.

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William Dathan Holbert aka \"Wild Bill\" Announces Book Plans
Authored by: Gregvx on Tuesday, July 24 2012 @ 07:47 AM EDT

All proceeds from the book should go to his victims, he should not recieve anything!

William Dathan Holbert aka \"Wild Bill\" Announces Book Plans
Authored by: swedecpa on Wednesday, July 25 2012 @ 02:14 PM EDT

And I wonder what upstanding publishing house would present us with such an interesting and factual tome?