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Saturday, August 30 2014 @ 12:27 AM EDT

Jimmy Papadimitriu Ate Lunch With Friends Today...

PoliticsA meeting convened by the former Minister of the Presidency, Jimmy Papadamitriu, was held in a local restaurant on Friday. The meeting was attended by members and former members of the current government, including the former Vice Minister of the Presidency Maria Fabrega. A few minutes later the former Minister Papadimitriu arrived, who said that the meeting was to "spend a pleasant time with friends" because he said he spent four long years working with them.

Former Minister reiterated he is a political consultant and explained he was "leaving his customers behind" which is why he has now decided to devote himself to business. As for the rumors that he would supposedly work for a campaign in Mexico, he declined to give details saying "I do not give details of my private life."On the issue of the bus stops and public transportation, he said he would be supporting and monitoring, but he would not have any official position within the current government. He also said he would give all of his support to the Democratic Change party. (Telemetro)

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Jimmy Papadimitriu Ate Lunch With Friends Today... | 1 comments | Create New Account
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Jimmy Papadimitriu Ate Lunch With Friends Today...
Authored by: Anonymous on Friday, July 27 2012 @ 10:36 PM EDT

Good luck to this man who with the best of intentions brought down the government with his coverup.
Is it me or does it just seem to funny that so many of the department heads have been caught in corruption scandals and usually only the smallest of them get to do the perp walk, usually the women. Remember the immigration scandal where they got caught selling Visas? What happened to Juan Carlos Arauz Arango? Hey can you tell me if that guy is related to the Arauz Oligarchs in Penonome who also have the same last name?
Geez wasn't he not only the consul for Haiti who was implicated in the Visa scandal where the female director is the only one with her head in the chopping block, but Arauz Arango was also part of homes with Alexander Ventura Noguiera. Does anyone remember David Murcia? How about Carlos Arosemena Pardo who was found dead in a ditch and who was associated with not only the Cifuentes Villa drug cartel but also handled a case for Jimmy P's mother. After Arosemena Pardo was found dead in the ditch, both Jimmy P's parents and the Cifuentes Villa/Sineloa cartel members all switched to Carlos Carillo Gomilla. What are the odds of that being a coincidence?

Wake up Panama, you country is in the hands of some really nasty people....
Let's start seeing convictions for the real criminals, not just the flunkies.

Shimon Yelinek (case dismissed for lack of jurisdiction by Supreme Court) Arms trafficker and drug dealer
David Murcia, not guilty in Panama, guilty everywhere else. Records dissappeared from prosecutors office
Alexander Ventura's first case for floating a counterfeit bond, not guilty
Justice here is only a function of cost to the guilty.