Chame - Representatives Vote To Remove Municipal Treasurer From Office

Saturday, July 28 2012 @ 03:41 PM UTC

Contributed by: Don Winner

Because the mayor of Chame, Euclid Mayorga, did not present the application of the new municipal treasurer, the elected representatives from this district voted to remove the treasurer Danilo Vega Cortes from his position. As a consequence, they cannot endorse checks or make payments through the municipal treasury, and said the President of the Chame Council, Abdul Juliao. Meanwhile Mayorga, by telephone, said the treasurer Danilo Vega Cortes continues in his post and he denied any irregularities in his administration. (Panama America)

Editor's Comment: Interesting. All of a sudden there's infighting among the low level, local government officials in the District of Chame. Apparently the local Mayor Euclid Mayorga wants to keep the Treasurer Danilo Vega Cortes in office, and meanwhile other local elected representatives are trying to throw Danilo Vega Cortes out of office. Might any of this stuff be related to the land grab in Punta Chame in any way? I have no idea. I did notice, however, that the Panama America newspaper didn't say a word - not a peep - about the breaking scandal in Punta Chame. Their silence speaks volumes about who might actually be responsible for this land grab. It's a pretty simple equation - whatever news media is attacking the issue is not responsible. Whoever is defending or ignoring will indicate the political party of the people who are responsible. So far, La Prensa (Panameņistas) are on the attack, while the Panama America (CD) is silent. Like I said, sometimes the silence is deafening.

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