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Friday, August 22 2014 @ 07:48 AM EDT

Ammonia Leak At A Processing Plant

Safety & Security An ammonia leak at the Marpesca processing plant located in Corozal, Ancon, triggered the Fire Department of Panama (CBP) at 5:11 am yesterday. Reports from the say the incident was overcome with a ventilation system, whereby the gas is extracted by a plastic tube and then was disabled with an air extractor. The incident was treated and controlled by Elvis Cordova and five CBP officers from the Balboa Station. There were no injured people, nor the environment, said the fire department. Roger Gonzalez, Marpesca company spokesman, said that the leak was caused by the failure of a value on a small ammonia re-circulation tank. "Ammonia is a strong gas, as soon as it got outside of the plant, its odor spreads," he said. Gonzalez said the company applied the security controls and recommendations made by the Fire Department. (Prensa)
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