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Friday, August 22 2014 @ 05:35 PM EDT

Delays In Installation Of New Bus Stops in Panama City

Infrastructure UpgradesThere is a delay in the installation of the bus stops for the Metro mass transit system, said today the Minister of the Presidency Roberto Henriquez. "There is a little delay in the bus stops, let's admit it," he said. The Minister said the bus stops will not be installed in September. However, the manufacturing process of these structures continues. Henriquez made his statements after bus riders have made complaints in different news media over the lack of bus stops, especially important during the rainy season.

PREFABRICATION - On TVN News Henriquez said the bus stops will come prefabricated, and will be assembled in Panama City. He said they will be installing at least one thousand bus stops. He said these structures will be more comfortable, they will have an area to buy Metro Bus cards, and each one would shelter at least 40 people. The other stops will be simpler, but more modern than those currently existing in Panama City, he said. He added they are coordinating with the Mayor of Panama, who has also had the "good initiative" to install bus stops in 21 townships. Henriquez said they are coordinating their efforts, to make sure bus stops are not installed in areas where the Metro Buses do not stop to pick up passengers. (Prensa)

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