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Thursday, August 28 2014 @ 03:23 AM EDT

The Wells Are Dry In Los Santos

WeatherWhile in some parts of Los Santos they are digging for water, residents of various sectors in Arraiján and La Chorrera spent much of Tuesday morning waiting for a drop to come out of the tap.

Definitely, the lack of water is hitting many, and the residents of El Guácimo, El Cedro and El Corozal in Los Santos do not escape this reality, because they are depleting groundwater wells that supply water systems of these communities. This problem has been affecting some 400 people starting about two weeks ago. According to Delfina Rivera, the Justice of the Peace in El Guácimo, for several weeks they have been facing problems with the supply from the well that supplies the liquid to the population. "In this area there are 50 homes where the water does not arrive at all. In Cedro Arriba there are 20, and in El Corzal Centro there are about 45," she said. In response, staff from the Civil Protection System inspected these areas to start the plan of distribution of drinking water.

How long? - And in the daily bread, has become the lack of water for people living in Arraiján and La Chorrera. They not only have to deal with this problem, but also with traffic jams and power fluctuations. The patience of these people was tested on Monday when they lost power, and still today, some communities had no water. Everything was due to an alleged failure at the Mendoza water treatment plant. But the problem has been remedied and in the course of yesterday afternoon the service was restored. (Mi Diario)

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