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Tuesday, September 02 2014 @ 05:09 AM EDT

Fired Teacher Andrés Rodríguez Files Request For Reconsideration

Schools & EducationAndres Rodriguez, the Secretary General of the Association of Teachers of the Republic of Panama, filed a motion for reconsideration before the general direction of the Abel Bravo school, who issued an order of dismissal against him. Rodriguez said the action of dismissal taken by the director of the Abel Bravo school, Leticia Paddy de Holder, is a persecution, because he was declared not guilty of the administrative offense of which he is accused. Rodriguez was accompanied by a group of teachers of the school, who additionally declared a work stoppage in support of the teachers' union leader. They warned they will seek the solidarity of teachers from other schools so that the suspension of classes is widespread in the province of Colon. Three disciplinary cases have been opened against Professor Rodriguez. Meanwhile, Education Ministry officials insist that the disciplinary process against Rodriguez met all requirements established by the Organic Law of Education. (Critica)

Editor's Comment: It's a common thing here in Panama. Many times when there's an action taken such as this, the decision to fire Andrés Rodríguez from his teaching position, the very first level of appeal is to formally ask for a "reconsideration" from the same people who decided to fire him in the first place. They will most likely deny his request, and then the appeal process will go on up the chain from there. In fact there are thousands of public school teachers in Panama, and Andrés Rodríguez only represents a relatively small minority faction. There's not enough support for this guy in the system to shut down the school system, for example. He can muster a small crowd, but not a massive following.

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