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Thursday, August 21 2014 @ 05:59 PM EDT

TBM "Marta" Reaches 5th of May Plaza - Metro Line 1 Subway Construction Continues

Infrastructure UpgradesSix months and eight days after initiating its functions, the TBM "Marta" digging machine - being used to create the underground section from the Southern trench of the new Panama Metro subway system, arrived at the site of the future subway station at the 5th of May Plaza. Via radio, President, Ricardo Martinelli gave the order to rupture the wall where Marta appeared. After maintenance, the TBM "Martha," which is 9.77 meters in diameter and 100 feet long, which equates to a 37-story building, will continue digging part of the Metro Line 1, from Albrook as far as the El Carmen church. As of today the TBM has already created 1,463 meters of tunnel. The machine will continue working until it reaches the El Carmen church on Via España. Meanwhile the other TBM "Carolina" which started work a month ago, is responsible for digging the tunnel starting at the Northern Trench from Vista Hermosa to the El Carmen church. The underground section includes subway stations at the 5th of May Plaza, El Marañón, the Santo Tomas Hospital, and the El Carmen church. (Telemetro)

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