National Crafts Fair Opens at Atlapa

Thursday, August 02 2012 @ 04:41 PM UTC

Contributed by: Don Winner

The XXXV National Crafts Fair was opened yesterday at the ATLAPA convention center by the Minister of Commerce and Industry, Ricardo Quijano. The organization of the show has cost approximately $200,000 and approximately 1,200 artisans are participating from around the country. The National Director of Handcrafts of the MICI, Damaris Delgado de Tribaldos, said the activity will have 500 tables, 65 workshops, 22 craft stalls for consumption, with 15 vendors selling food and another 43 food sites located in the lobby. It is expected that about 45 thousand people will visit the fair. (Siglo)

Editor's Comment: This is always one of the "coolest" shows at ATLAPA every year. You can find all kinds of stuff there, made by talented hands. You'll see some stuff you're probably already familiar with like molas, and some other stuff you've never seen before. If anyone knows the hours, please post in the comments section. Thanks.

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