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Sunday, August 31 2014 @ 02:32 AM EDT

All Of La Prensa's Reporting on TCT Backed Up With Documentation

Panama News All of the publications that have been made by La Prensa about the contracts given by this government to the company Transcaribe Trading (TCT) are based on documentation. This was announced this Friday, August 3, by Lourdes de Obaldia, the Director of the La Prensa newspaper, in the midst of the protests made by workers from this company in front of the newspaper's headquarters, located on Ave. 12 de Octubre in Panama City.

In response to the workers' request to meet with the directors of the La Prensa Corporation, De Obaldia said, for now, this will not happen. She said the workers are not the ones who managed or negotiated the terms of the contracts, and the tenders that were published in their newspaper. "It's sad but we with them, with all due respect, we have nothing to talk about. If Mr. [David] Ochy would like to come and talk with us, because it's he who is asking for the right to reply, then of course," she said. The director reiterated that the workers do not know how the bidding process works, and the addenda in the contracts.

ANSWER - The leader of the TCT workers Marcos Allen said the directors of La Prensa cannot refuse to talk to the workers, because they have a right to know if the publications they are spreading are true. "They can not refuse to speak about what they (La Prensa) have pointed out," said Allen, who said if the Directors of this newspaper insist on refusing (to meet with them), then they would take all actions of repression allowed by the law. "What we are proposing is that the workers are the first to be given an explanation, because we are concerned that we will be the ones who are affected," said the leader on Radio Panama. (Prensa)

Editor's Comment: Obviously, the TCT workers are being used and manipulated by the directors of this company in an attempt to intimidate the newspaper. Of course the Directors of La Prensa should refuse to meet with them, or be manipulated in any way.

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