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Saturday, August 23 2014 @ 03:49 PM EDT

Teachers Should Educate By Example, Says Molinar

Schools & EducationThe Minister of Education, Lucy Molinar, said no one is above the law, referring to the dismissal of the teacher Andres Rodriguez. She said Rodriguez should be a model for others and set an example, but not violently. Teachers from the Leonila Pinzón de Grimaldo Professional and Technical Institute have staged three protests on the Panamerican Highway closing one lane of traffic, demanding that the Minister reinstate Andres Rodriguez to this position, threatening to clamp down on Monday. However, the Minister of Education, who was at an event in the city of Penonomé, said teachers should teach by example and not by violence in the streets.

Molinar said nobody is above the law, and if they violate a rule then they will have to face the consequences. "Professor Rodriguez should not use violence, and now show such inappropriate behavior, which is why I recommend that he should make use of the tools provided for in the law, and request a reconsideration to be returned to his position with maturity and serenity, required by someone who holds it in their chest to be a teacher," she said. (Panama America)

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