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Tuesday, September 02 2014 @ 02:48 AM EDT

Electoral Tribunal Holding Hearing In El Bebedero Case Today

PoliticsThe President of the Electoral Tribunal Gerardo Solis said if they decide to uphold the election of Nidia Cureña they would issue a proclamation and she would be given her credentials. Othewise, they would have to hold new elections in the area of El Bebedero, in the district of Tonosí, province of Los Santos. Solis is acting as the judge rapporteur in the public hearing in this case, to determine whether or not Nidia Cureña was elected on good terms, or if there was fraud in her election. Solis said on the channel 13 Telemetro Report program, they are preparing everything required to hold the hearing, which will be held today in an open house format in the community, and its purpose is to have a direct and immediate contact with the people of the area. He also said during the day today they will take statements from interested persons, and then they will make a tour of the area. Solis said the mission is to strengthen the rule of law, because there are questions about the legitimacy of the electoral process, and the attention of Electoral Tribunal is to address this complaint that has been raised to determine which was the case, for the truth to come to the surface, so they can make a decision through a properly illustrated trial. The elections were held in El Bebedero on 4 December 2011. (Panama America)

Editor's Comment: The guy who was originally elected in the May 2009 elections was killed in a car crash. A special election was held to select his replacement. The candidate from the Cambio Democratico political party Nidia Cureña won the election, but the PRD candidate filed a complaint and a challenge, alleging vote buying. The Electoral Tribunal is totally and completely in the back pocket of the PRD political party, and I suspect there's no way in hell they will decide this case (today) in favor of the CD - regardless of what the facts, evidence, and testimony states. I think they will decide this case in favor of the PRD candidate - no matter what. If this decision goes in favor of the CD I will be dumbfounded. Gerardo Solis is 100% PRD - and he's leaving the Electoral Tribunal in November, so this case will probably be his last "hurrah"! But with Navarro on the rise and the CD sinking, he will probably be back before too long. I've been predicting a CD repeat in 2014 for years, however there's something on a slow boil that might change my prediction in favor of the PRD (can't talk about it yet, but it's coming.)

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