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Monday, August 26 2019 @ 12:01 am EDT

Corruption Hearing Against Mingthoy Giro And Others Suspended (Again)

CorruptionThe hearing that was scheduled for today, Tuesday August 7 against the former administrator of the Omar Park in Panama City, Mingthoy Giro, and seven other suspects in the disappearance of the statues "Games of Yesteryear," was suspended for a second time. The Second Criminal Judge made ​​the decision because a lawyer was not notified, and the hearing was reprogrammed for 27 and 28 August 2012. On July 3 the hearing was suspended because a lawyer for one of those involved resigned from the case. Giro is accused, along with others in the Second Criminal Court for allegedly committing the crime of embezzlement, over the disappearance in 2008 of the statues "Games of Yesteryear". (Panama America)

Editor's Comment: The former president Mireya Moscoso paid a Colombian artist a whole lot of money to create these bronze statues of children playing, and they were supposed to go in front of the new museum that was being built with the money stolen from Taiwan (that's a whole different scandal). So anyway, when the PRD got elected in 2004 and took over, they literally hated anything Moscoso had done. They ripped out those statues and put them in a storage facility in the Omar Park, under the safekeeping of Mingthoy Giro (who was working for the First Lady of Panama). At about that same time the price of scrap bronze when through the roof, and those puppies were apparently shipped off in a container to China and melted down. Eventually everyone found out, there was a scandal, and now four years later they are finally having a hearing. Anyway, lesson learned. If you really don't like someone, give them some really tacky artwork, and insist it be displayed in a prominent location forever. That'll teach 'em...

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