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Thursday, May 23 2019 @ 11:06 PM UTC

Molinar Asks Parents To Send Their Children To School

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Lucy Molinar - Minister of Education in Panama
Lucy Molinar - Minister of Education in Panama
The Minister of Education, Lucy Molinar, once again called on parents to send their children to school in spite of the strike called by eight teachers unions. Molinar said we cannot allow ourselves to be "kidnapped" by a group of teachers who refuse to accept that the education system has changed, and that they cannot achieve their goals by shouting and making threats. She said the Ministry of Education has every intention of talking with the teachers' unions, but they insist on crippling classes. Molinar said they will not compromise, and that the teacher Andres Rodriguez and other teachers who have been fired have the right to file legal resources (appeals) which will ensure due process. Molinar said she would attend a meeting today with the teachers' unions, mediated by the Catholic church, despite the suspension of classes. (Critica)

Editor's Comment: I don't think Rodriguez has that much support among the rank and file of the teacher's unions around the entire country. He broke the law, and because of his actions he was fired. Molinar is trying to fix, update, modernize, and improve the education system in Panama. And as part of her efforts they simply need to "break" these entrenched union leaders - who have been holding the system hostage for decades. In short, things can't improve until guys like Rodriguez are gone. I hope she hangs tough.

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