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Saturday, August 30 2014 @ 02:29 AM EDT

CD Denounces Favoritism in El Bebedero Hearing

PoliticsThe attorney for the challenged Representative Nidia Cureña, who won the elections in December 2011 in the village of El Bebedero in the district of Tonosí, province of Los Santos, reported partiality (favoritism) on the part of the President of the Electoral Tribunal, Gerardo Solis, who is chairing the hearing. Hernan Garcia, who is Cureña's legal representative, said the questions that are being made during the visual inspection of residents of the different houses of the community to verify the donations received, according to Garcia affect a response. The visual inspection was performed to analyze the houses that received the donations, in what condition, and from whom. The lawyer Jose Gondola, who is representing the applicant, rejected the accusations made by Garcia and said "everything is almost completely proven." The audience for the case in El Bebedero started on Tuesday, August 7, after in December 2011, days after the election for the post of Representative of the district, the Democratic Revolutionary Party submitted a legal challenge. (Telemetro)

Editor's Comment: Of course there's no surprise whatsoever that Gerardo Solis is conducting the trial in a manner that favors the PRD politician, and goes against the CD politician. In fact, the entire Electoral Tribunal and Solis in particular are in the back pocket of the PRD. They are not fair and impartial in any way. I predicted weeks ago this decision would go against the CD and in favor of the PRD - regardless of the facts and evidence in the case. Another example of how the Panamanian justice system is completely and totally fucked. If the CD wins this case, I'll be dumbfounded.

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