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Monday, September 01 2014 @ 07:25 PM EDT

Journalists Arrested While Doing Their Jobs

Panama NewsRafaela Sanchez, an RPC news reporter and his cameraman were attacked, yesterday, by five officers of the Institutional Protection Service, while preparing to cover a story at the Water Treatment Plant in Chilibre. Sanchez said she came in person to participate in a inspection being undertaken by the Ministry of Health and realizing that the activity was over, they started to return in their respective vehicles. There, without mediation, they attempted to take the film equipment, their keys and cell phones. When they failed, an officer of the SPI ordered their arrest at 11:15 am and they remained so for two hours. The reporter says they met the parameters to be allowed to enter, and they were held without knowing the charges. In a statement the National Government announced that the visit of the reporter and cameraman was made without prior coordination with the Directorate of Public Relations of the entity, in violation of the protocol that applies to everyone who comes to coverage journalism. (Siglo)
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