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Friday, August 29 2014 @ 06:18 AM EDT

Looking For More Of William Dathan Holbert's Victims in Jaco, Costa Rica

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William Dathan Holbert - Confessed Serial Killer - Prisoner in David, Panama
William Dathan Holbert - Confessed Serial Killer - Prisoner in David, Panama
By DON WINNER for - I got back yesterday from a quick trip to Jaco, Costa Rica. The reason for the trip was to find the house rented by William Dathan Holbert, alias "Wild Bill", and his accomplice Laura Michelle Reese in April of 2007. I've known for a long time Holbert killed at least three people while staying at that house, and I wanted to start working towards finding closure for those as yet unidentified victims and their families. Since their arrest in the summer of 2010 two years ago, Holbert has confessed to killing six people - five in Panama and one in Costa Rica (Jeff Kline).

Holbert only confessed to having murdered Jeffery Kline after I went back, solved the cold case in Puerto Viejo, and then went to San Jose to file an official criminal complaint against him with the prosecutor for Organized Crime in Costa Rica. My complaint fully explained all of the details of my investigation to the Costa Rican authorities, and it included all of the names and contact information, email addresses, and telephone numbers for sixteen sources of information. The prosecutors in Costa Rica used my complaint to launch their investigation. Prior to my complaint, all they had was a "John Doe" body they had recovered - but they didn't know the identify of the victim, who had killed him, or when. They obtained a DNA sample from Jeffery Kline's brother to confirm the identity of the victim. And, of course over time the details of Jeff's murder panned out to be true - exactly as I had reported. Now I'm trying to get some peace the family members of some as-yet unidentified Holbert victims in Jaco, Costa Rica. (more)

Jurisdiction Outside of Panama: It was critically important to solve the Jeffry Kline case because it establishes a murder committed by Holbert and Reese outside of Panama, in Costa Rica. If for some strange or unforeseen reason the government of Panama ever decides to release either Holbert or Reese at any point in the future, then they will still have to face justice in Costa Rica for the murder of Jeffery Kline. Just for the sake of discussion and hypothetically speaking - let's say this year Panama finally gets around to holding a trial against Holbert and Reese. Let's say they give Holbert seventy (70) years in prison for the murders (he confessed to five), and let's say they sentence Reese to twenty (20) years for being his accomplice. Reese's time in prison started in the summer of 2010 when she was arrested in Nicaragua, trying to flee from justice. Therefore, under this hypothetical scenario - it's possible that in 2030, twenty years after she was arrested - the Panamanian authorities will release Reese for time served. They will then be legally obligated to immediately turn her over to the Costa Rican authorities to face justice there for the murder of Jeffery Kline. And failing that, there's always the fail-safe position of the charges pending against them in the United States for fraud, car theft, and a raft of other things. I think it's a pretty safe bet to say both Holbert and Reese will die in prison.

Active Accomplice and Participant: When William Dathan Holbert smacked Jeff Kline in the back of the head with a hammer, Laura Michelle Reese was standing right there, smiling at him. Laura Michelle Reese asked Kline "so, do you like the spaghetti, Jeff?" as a distraction. When the coward William Dathan Holbert ambushed Kline, attacked him from behind and knocked him out with a hammer, Kline fell face-first into the big bowl of spaghetti Laura Michelle Reese had prepared for him. At that moment Holbert and Reese actually laughed out loud. They thought Kline falling face-first into his big bowl of spaghetti was downright hilarious. Having knocked Kline out with the hammer, Holbert then tied Kline up in a chair, with his arms tightly bound behind his back. Once Kline regained consciousness, Holbert tortured Kline until he told Holbert the pin number for his ATM card. Holbert then killed Kline and buried his body under the house they were renting. Holbert covered the fresh grave site with a poorly poured slab of cement he mixed himself. Laura Michelle Reese was right there in the house the whole time. Together they drained about $110,000 dollars from Kline's bank account. They quickly left the Puerto Viejo area and drove across the country, to rent the house in Jaco, Costa Rica - spending Jeff Kline's money as they went.

As Yet Unidentified Victims in Costa Rica: I know Holbert killed many more people while he was in Costa Rica. Those victims are still in the ground somewhere - right where Holbert buried them. They have never been found, recovered, or identified. My goals for this search are different. I am continuing this effort to find and identify those victims, mostly because each and every one of them has a family somewhere. These people just dropped off of the face of the planet one day. Holbert killed them because he wanted to steal their car, the money in their wallets or purses, and the change in their pockets. He buried them in shallow graves, and their bodies have never been found. Their families deserve closure. So while Holbert and Reese are in prison and they will most likely never be released - justice will never be fully served until all of their victims are identified and found.

Holbert as Jesus Freak? Meanwhile, Holbert remains in the prison in David, Panama. He spends his time spouting off religious verses and quoting the bible. Holbert is trying to convince everyone he has become a true Christian. Before he was arrested Holbert was a Hitler loving racist. He is cold blooded serial killer capable of murdering women and children in cold blood for their possessions. After he was arrested he magically made the transformation to become a God fearing, Jesus loving Christian. It's amazing how simply "getting caught" will change a man, eh?

Hiding Behind The Bible: More likely the "Jesus Freak" act is merely his current façade. Holbert probably hopes his shtick will keep the other killers in prison from sinking a blade into his heart some day. Ironically, if Holbert was in a maximum security prison in the United States somewhere, he would probably go back to his racist roots, because in those prisons the general population generally divides along lines of race - white, black, and Latino. It must really suck for Holbert to be the only Hitler loving white supremacist in a prison dominated by blacks and Latinos - he's a gang of one. So Holbert had to shift to the Bible thumping routine as a survival technique. He probably never takes off his shirt in public, because he needs to hide or downplay the white supremacist and racist tattoos decorating his body.

Holbert the Author? Holbert also recently came out saying he wants to publish a book. His trial has been delayed while the courts resolve some requests submitted by his lawyer - most notably a motion to have all of the cases against him merged into one. In the meantime Holbert called the local press to let them know he is trying to find someone to publish his book. There's no real need for that, because it's only going to contain the same statements he's made to the prosecutors and authorities. His lies, designed to prevent them from trying and prosecuting his partner in crime Laura Michelle Reese - who in fact was standing right next to him the whole time - and who wants to buy a book that's full of lies? No one, that's who.

Eventually He Will Come Clean: If Holbert really is a born again Christian, he should start by drawing a map to lead the authorities to the graves of the rest of his victims - all of them. Holbert wants to sell a book as a way of cashing in on his notoriety. In Panama there are no laws preventing a murderer from making a profit from a book deal, as there are in the United States. Should Holbert get rich from his crimes? Of course not. But if that means he would confess all of this murders and lead the authorities to the rest of the grave sites, then so be it. The "lessor of two evils" principle never had a better illustration.

House Rented By Holbert in Jaco Costa Rica Google Earth Overview
House Rented By Holbert in Jaco Costa Rica Google Earth Overview

The House In Costa Rica: We managed to find the house Holbert and Reese rented in Jaco, Costa Rica. The Google Earth image covering the area was taken in 2002 - and the house Holbert rented had not yet been built - so the area appears as it did then, covered with trees. The house is exactly as described by Stacie and Allen Duckworth. There's a payphone right across the street. There's a school right across the street. There's a little corner store at the end of the street. There's a small little rectangular shaped pool to the left of the house. And, the local office of Costa Rica's Office of Judicial Investigation (OIJ) confirmed with the Remax office that Holbert had rented this house in April 2007. Holbert presented the same fake driver's license from the Cayman Islands - license number 10085698 issued under the name "William Julius Caesar" he had used to rent the "Monkey House" in Puerto Viejo - to rent this house in Jaco, Costa Rica. So there's no doubt about it, this is the place.

The House Rented By William Dathan Holbert in Jaco, Costa Rica
The House Rented By William Dathan Holbert in Jaco, Costa Rica

Probably Three or Four Victims Buried Behind This House: After speaking to the police detectives from the Office of Judicial Investigation (OIJ) in Costa Rica, there are a few elements of their investigation I prefer not to divulge at this time - better to keep Holbert and Reese guessing. Suffice it to say this is the house where they stayed. Witness testimony provided by Stacie and Allen Duckworth indicate Holbert would go out about every two weeks or so, and murder another victim. He would return some time during the early morning hours, all hot and sweaty and covered in dirt - like he had just buried a body - and magically a new car or something else would appear out of thin air. At one point Holbert even told the Duckworth's he had murdered someone, but he told them "don't tell Laura" what he had done.

View Behind The Holbert House In Jaco, Costa Rica
View Behind The Holbert House In Jaco, Costa Rica

"Back There, Towards The Right, Under That Tree..." One day while they were living in this house, William Dathan Holbert was in the pool with Stacie Duckworth. Holbert told Duckworth if he ever wanted to get rid of a body, he would bury it "back there, to the right, under that tree, because no one would ever think of looking there." At the time Stacie Duckworth wrote it off as drunken boasts and ramblings of a fool who was trying to impress her. Now, in hindsight, those remarks are potentially significant. Holbert was talking about the area shown in this photo. And once again, there are a few things I learned from the Chief of the OIJ in Costa Rica that I prefer to keep to myself, for now. Special thanks to my good buddy Brett Mikkelson from BM Investigations who helped on this trip. Woof.

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Copyright 2012 by Don Winner for Go ahead and use whatever you like as long as you credit the source. Salud.

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Looking For More Of William Dathan Holbert's Victims in Jaco, Costa Rica | 6 comments | Create New Account
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Looking For More Of William Dathan Holbert\'s Victims in Jaco, Costa Rica
Authored by: Anonymous on Monday, August 13 2012 @ 02:10 PM EDT

Bien hecho on the trail! I've been wndering about thoze other victims up there since this all initially came to light, and when we were gonna hear some new infomation about it. But as u must know by now, and I found out living up there for about 10 yrs, if u leave it to the Tico cops, nothing will ever get done........

Looking For More Of William Dathan Holbert\'s Victims in Jaco, Costa Rica
Authored by: Anonymous on Monday, August 13 2012 @ 02:22 PM EDT

Great Job again Don!!
Please keep us informed, I believe that your work will bring needed closing to the victims families and insure that Wild Bill and his sidekick will both die inside a cold and moldy jail cell.

Looking For More Of William Dathan Holbert\'s Victims in Jaco, Costa Rica
Authored by: Anonymous on Monday, August 13 2012 @ 02:24 PM EDT

It is so interesting to keep up with your detective work on Wild Bill, and I appreciate the job you are doing for the victims and their families. Great work!

Sandy Holt

Looking For More Of William Dathan Holbert\'s Victims in Jaco, Costa Rica
Authored by: Anonymous on Tuesday, August 14 2012 @ 08:51 AM EDT

I think you're wasting your time with Holbert. He's done for and won't get out of Panama's prison system. But from the looks of his cell in the photo, he might be better off where he is versus a jail in the USA. Pretrial holding in the USA aint no picnic. Most places keep the inmates locked down 23 hours a day, four to a cell, with no belongings, in prison clothes.

Looking For More Of William Dathan Holbert\'s Victims in Jaco, Costa Rica
Authored by: Anonymous on Wednesday, August 15 2012 @ 09:19 AM EDT

Perhaps I'll consider a life of heinous, violent crime ... Billy is looking quite svelte, wouldn't you say? Praise jeebus!

Looking For More Of William Dathan Holbert\'s Victims in Jaco, Costa Rica
Authored by: PanaCaz on Wednesday, August 22 2012 @ 07:31 PM EDT

Keep at it sir!