Corruption Complaint Filed Against CD Lawmaker

Monday, August 13 2012 @ 02:41 pm EDT

Contributed by: Don Winner

Vidal García - Panamanian National Assembly Deputy from Chilibre
Vidal García - Panamanian National Assembly Deputy from Chilibre
This morning, Monday 13 August, a criminal complaint was filed with the Supreme Court against the National Assembly Deputy, who is also the Representative from the area of Chilibre, Vidal Garcia, by members of the Legal Sector of the PRD political party. The complaint was filed over the alleged commission of offenses against property, abuse of authority, violation of the duties of public servant, theft, and crimes against public administration. According to attorney Victor Bustamante, a farm located in Agua Bendita of Chilibre, owned by Nidia Montenegro de Pitti, was invaded by families who presented a sale certificate from the Community Board of this district, which bears the signature of the Deputy and Representative of the Democratic Change political party. The also indicate that Rosa Diaz, one of the people invading the farm, said they had "paid" for that land to the Community Board in Chilibre. (Panama America)

Editor's Comment: It seems like making up fake documents to steal land is all the rage these days. Of course this complaint won't go anywhere. The PRD filed a complaint against a CD Deputy, before the Supreme Court that's owned and operated by the CD. Yeah, snowball's chance in hell of getting any justice in that case...

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