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Friday, August 22 2014 @ 11:42 AM EDT

Former Port Workers Protest At Supreme Court

Law & LawyersThe former employees of the National Port Authority held a protest today at 10:00 am on the steps of the Supreme Court, to demand a streamlining of their legal proceedings. Organized by the Association of Former Port Employees (Asotrap), the former officials are demanding that the Supreme Court speed up the process of the two lawsuits they have filed against the State, one for the bad payment of labor liabilities and another for respect for their human rights. Cesar Aparicio, the President of Asotrap, said they fear these claims will not be resolved. "We run the risk that our cases will be filed, because we are common people," he said. He explained that two impediments have been pending to be decided for more than a year, one submitted by the Solicitor General Oscar Ceville and another by Judge Luis Ramon Fabrega. So far, the presiding judge of the Supreme Court Alejandro Moncada Luna has not decided on either one. The former official said there are about 206 former employees to whom the state owes a total of more than $12 million dollars. El Siglo tried to obtain the position of the Supreme Court and the Maritime Authority of Panama, but got no answers. (Siglo)

Editor's Comment: Many moons ago the government of Panama privatized the ports in the country. Before this, the ports had been owned and operated by the government of Panama. These people who are protesting are former government employees, who were working at the ports when they were privatized. In short, the government screwed them over during the privatization process. They filed their claims, and have been fighting it in court for decades. There is no "justice" in Panama. If the government decides to slow-roll something, they will, forever. You will never see "justice" until the system decides it's time for you to see justice. The system decided a long time ago to screw with these poor people, and it's been screwing with them ever since. The "justice" system in Panama is one of the most broke elements in the country. Slow. Unfair. For sale to the highest bidder. Corrupt from top to bottom. In short, it sucks.

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