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Sunday, August 31 2014 @ 06:32 AM EDT

Varela Criticizes Meeting Between Martinelli and Moscoso

PoliticsDuring the inscription of the humorist Juan Bravo in the Panameņista political party, the Vice President and President of the Panameņista party Juan Carlos Varela, questioned that there was an alleged meeting between the former President Mireya Moscoso and President Ricardo Martinelli yesterday evening. According to Varela, if this meeting occurred it calls much attention, at a time when there are many criticisms of the government for imposing its will, and for not providing answers to the problems facing the country. Varela called on the government to file the draft amendments to the Electoral Code to return tranquility to the country. (TVN)

Editor's Comment: Mireya Moscoso is trying to negotiate the same kind of a deal that Varela negotiated with Martinelli back in December 2008. In other words, to reform the alliance between the Panameņista party and the Cambio Democratico, but leaving Juan Carlos Varela as an individual, behind. It's not a bad play, actually. The Panameņista party as it stands now has zero chance of winning the election outright in May 2014. There's also no chance of them forming any kind of an alliance with the PRD. The Panameņistas who have a clue are leaving the party and joining either the CD or MOLIRENA, to improve their chances in 2014. Right now it looks like the election in 2014 is going to be a two horse race between the PRD and the CD, with the Panameņistas as "also ran" but insignificant, in terms of the results. So, Moscoso is trying to find a way to deliver whatever she can to Martinelli, and to get what she can for it. Meanwhile, Varela's star continues to sink below the horizon.

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