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Wednesday, September 03 2014 @ 12:35 AM EDT

We Don't Want To Mix Constitutional Reforms With Politics - Henriquez

PoliticsThis morning, Thursday, 16 August 2012, the Minister of the Presidency Roberto Henriquez said "we fear the proposed constitutional reforms will be mixed with politics," when discussing the governments decision to not proceed with the proposed amendments to the Constitution at this time. The proposed amendments were formulated by a special commission. Henriquez said they don't want the public to think these proposed reforms are coming from this government administration. He said, like it or not, the country is in an election campaign. Therefore, the Government has decided to "not harm" the constitutional reforms by pushing for them strongly, he said on Telemetro Report. Henriquez said they have asked the members of the commission to go out and build consensus for the reforms.

ELECTORAL REFORMS - The Minister of the Presidency also spoke about a package of electoral reforms presented by the Cambio Democratico caucus in the National Assembly. Henriquez said he has recommended to the Deputy Dana Castañeda, the President of the Legislative Commission of Government, to have a wide dialog on this topic. The opportunity should be given for discussion, the official said. Although political sectors and civil society have called for Bill 508 to be filed, the Legislative Commission of Government today will begin the consultation process for this proposal. (Prensa)

Editor's Comment: There are basically five primary changes the CD wants to make to the Electoral Code. These changes undo or take apart some unfair advantages that the PRD put in while they were in charge of the government. The changes the CD wants to make will create a more fair and democratic process. Those who oppose the changes - who want to keep things the way they are - are in the PRD. As for the proposed constitutional reforms, it's a dead issue for now. They won't be going forward until maybe sometime after 2014.

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