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Wednesday, August 27 2014 @ 09:17 PM EDT

Heavy Rains, Flooding, Roofs Blown Off, Trees Down - In Colon

WeatherSeveral homes were flooded, roofs were blown off, tress blown down, and families were cut off by localized flooding, as the result of heavy rains and winds that hit yesterday afternoon in various sectors of the province of Colon. Nine homes were completely flooded when the waters rose up to 10 feet high in the area of ​​Dos Rios, in the village of Buena Vista, while two other houses were partially affected. In this same area some 150 families were cut off for six hours starting at 3:00 pm yesterday afternoon due to the flooding of the river, while in Giral three houses also were flooded, said Jaime Ospina, the regional director of the National Civil Protection System in Colon. It was also reported that the roofs were blown off of three houses in the area of ​​Puerto Pilon, and three trees were blown down in the same area. In the sectors of Cativá and Sagrada Resurrección, and along the coast there were no reports. Meanwhile, several electrical power poles fell down, leaving many people without electricity, much of the city of Colon and the surrounding areas, yesterday afternoon and evening. Rains continue in Colon, but with less intensity, so the SINAPROC requests that people who are living in areas at risk of flooding take precautions, just in case. (Prensa)

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