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Friday, August 22 2014 @ 07:48 AM EDT

Electoral Tribunal Decides In Favor Of PRD in El Bebedero Case (No Surprise There)

PoliticsThe President of the Electoral Tribunal Gerardo Solis announced they have ordered new elections to be held to choose the Representative for the District of El Bebedero, in Tonosí, province of Los Santos. Solis, who delivered the unanimous judgment on behalf of the three judges of the Electoral Tribunal, said the use of state resources was demonstrated, both directly and indirectly, to favor Cureña Nidia, the candidate for the Democratic Change political party. Solis said there was "corruption disguised as supposed social assistance." He said among the evidence they found was that there were donations of building materials and appliances to the residents of the village.

The Reaction of Nidia Cureña - Meanwhile, the Democratic Change party candidate, Nidia Cureña, said the Electoral Court judges made a decision based on politics, and not on the law. Cureña reaffirmed she would participate in the elections again, because she is sure she can count on the votes of the residents in El Bebedero. Inside of the room where the hearing was being held, one could hear shouts of "fraud, fraud" coming from supporters of Cureña. The Electoral Tribunal annulled the election held last 4 December 2011, giving the final verdict for the annulment of the elections in the case filed by members of the Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD).

Editor's Comment: No surprise there, whatsoever. The Electoral Tribunal is 100% in the back pocket of the PRD, so of course this decision was going to go in favor of the PRD. Now the CD (Ricardo Martinelli) will of course work very hard to take over the Electoral Tribunal, and they will use this exact same trick against the PRD forever more. Politicians in Panama hand out stuff. Bags of food. Building materials, whatever. That's the way it's done. Now, you're going to tell me the Electoral Tribunal is going to make that stop? Please, don't insult my intelligence. This is yet another case of "selective enforcement" - and the Electoral Tribunal simply decided to find some grease behind the stove. It's always there if you go looking for it, right? Sort of like that.

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