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Saturday, August 30 2014 @ 12:29 PM EDT

Electoral Tribunal Judge Continues To Run His Mouth, About Himself, and Says He's Not Vain

PoliticsNext 14 November 2012 is the end of the term in office of the President of the Electoral Tribunal Gerardo Solis. He has once again said he has no intentions of trying to remain on the Court, and therefore he has not submitted his papers to be considered for the position by the Supreme Court. According to Solis, he has every right to present his papers, but he will not, despite the fact that he thinks he has done a good job as a judge on the Electoral Tribunal.

Solis also said he has no intentions to run for any political office. He said he is not vain enough for that.

El Bebedero - Solis said the decision to call for new elections in the township of El Bebedero is history. He explained on the RPC program Face to Face that there have been other decisions to annul elections in the past. But he said the verdict is of a particular special safeguard of two fundamental principles: freedom of the vote, and state resources cannot be used to favor one candidate over another. (Estrella)

Editor's Comment: Solis would love to stay on the Electoral Tribunal, but he also knows there's no way in hell the Supreme Court would reappoint him for another term, under any circumstances. Today the Electoral Tribunal is completely and totally biased in favor of the PRD - and that's a shame. They have lost all credibility. And, they are also the last bastion of political power not controlled by the Cambio Democratico political party. But whatever. Solis is effectively gone in about three months. Good riddance. Of course he's relatively young, so I'm sure he will keep coming back like a bad burrito for a long time.

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