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Monday, April 22 2019 @ 08:00 AM UTC

Panamanian Mariner (Woman) Killed In Accident At Sea

Panama Flagged VesselsAn accident that killed a trainee aboard the Panamanian-flagged ship 'Valencia' has become a great mystery. The victim is the 22 year old Panamanian Daira Karina Wood Pino. She died on 4 August and since then her body has been in the boat's freezer. The strangest thing is that her death was not reported to Mexican authorities until Monday, 20 August 2012.

Early reports from Veracruz, Mexico, indicate that the fifteen members of the ship's crew are making statements to clarify the event. According to Cambio Digital, an Internet publication, the authorities of Mexico and Panama ordered the ship to stop sailing.

She was taking oil samples in the engine room when she was mutilated by moving equipment. The ship's captain, Jose Galloway Molina, said the boat spent nine hours adrift while fellow crew members removed her body from the machinery. The ship, carrying oil, left the port of Balboa on August 1. It is unclear why he did not notify the authorities until two weeks later. They even went through nearby ports before arriving in Veracruz.

It is hoped her body will be sent to Panama by plane or in the same boat where the girl was killed while conducting her professional practice. Daira was the only woman in her class. (Estrella)

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