Molinar: Students Have A Lack of Values

Monday, August 27 2012 @ 02:58 PM UTC

Contributed by: Don Winner

The Minister of Education, Lucy Molinar, revealed that soon they would create a National Plan of Values, involving parents, students, civic clubs, and sectors of civil society. Molinar said the problems of human behavior and violence, in which some students have been involved, is part of the problem of family breakdown. She said there is a lack of values among the students, added to the messages they receive from the media and the environment in general. "The lack of values ​​in society is a problem for everyone, not just the education system," she said.

On another issue, Minister Molinar said the students from the Jacoba Urriola Solis school, located in Portobelo, Colon province, who have been affected by a strange phenomenon (fainting, seizures) are being addressed by specialists Counseling Center. She called on parents not to close the doors of the school because they would be doing harm to other students. She said the problems of human behavior are not like "a street that is damaged which can be repaired with cement" and she asked the mothers of students to reach out thoroughly with the investigations, and if some teachers are involved they will be punished. She said according to previous experiences with these kinds of cases, it has nothing to do with demonic possession and are caused by other problems. (Critica)

Editor's Comment: There are basically two stories in the news along this vein. First of all there have been attacks committed by students against their teachers. In one case a kid slashed his teacher's face with a razor, and in another a student was planning to poison her teacher. The second part has to do with teenage girls who are supposedly experiencing some sort of "seizures" (flopping around on the ground) but in reality it's just attention seeking behavior, requiring mental health professionals, not priests to conduct exorcisms.

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