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Friday, May 24 2019 @ 12:50 PM UTC

Panama Equity releases their 2012 Pedasi real estate report

Real EstateSlow and steady has been the sales climate this year in the Pedasi, Panama real estate market. Active real estate agents in Pedasi have reported tangibly more visitors than the years prior, but this has not necessarily translated in to more sales.

Some buyers are coming down expecting great bargains and end up disappointed by the fact that prices have remained relatively unchanged, but retirees and expats looking to escape a changing financial climate in their home countries have been pleased with what they have seen, which led to consistent sales for the region.

What’s New In Pedasi?

In general Pedasi news, our new hospital is over half-finished at the entrance of town and should be open by early next year. Built on five acres of land, the 23 room hospital will feature a 24-hour emergency room which is a huge welcome to those of us who live here year-round. There is also a new commercial center being built on the main street that will house a large supermarket, a hardware store, and eight other retail shops.

The road to Playa El Toro and La Garita beaches is currently being paved with completion scheduled for this November, which makes the developers of both Andromeda Ocean Estates and Costa Pedasi (both of whom happen to be located on this street) very happy. The road to Los Destiladeros, home to several high-end hotels and developments, has also been completely paved and now workers are finishing the replacement of the road’s three bridges. What used to be a 20 minute drive now takes about 5 minutes!

The Development Landscape in Pedasi

The Dekel group, which is developing Andromeda Ocean Estates, among other projects, has signed an agreement with Cocige, a large construction company that has built several high-rises and shopping malls in Panama City. Cocige has committed to moving a considerable amount of manpower and materials to Pedasi in order to take over construction of both infrastructure and homes in Dekel’s various projects. This could be a game-changer for the development, which has struggled to get home construction going to keep up with sales.

Some very interesting news about one our favorite projects along the beach, READ MORE HERE

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