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Thursday, May 23 2019 @ 04:40 AM UTC

Island Lands, For Sale For $8 Million Dollars, Despite Investigation

CorruptionOne of the most valuable parcels of land in the alleged fraud of the 88 state lands that were transferred to third parties, is on sale for the huge sum of $8 million dollars on Internet sites and This is the farm number 300989, with location code 8107, which consists of about 126 hectares, and is located in one of the most exclusive tourist areas of the Las Perlas archipelago, on the island of San Miguel.

The investigation being conducted by the Attorney General, through four prosecutors in the country, found that the transfer of the property in question was registered on April 14, 2009, in favor of one of the 34 front corporations used as screen for this alleged crime, a private interest foundation called "Rey David" in which David Fernando Torres serves as representative.

David is a cousin of the National Assembly Deputy from the opposition Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD).

The transaction was negotiated at a nominal cost of $702 dollars, at just $5.50 per hectare, received the endorsement of Nadia Moreno, the former director of the Agrarian Reform, although her office did not have the authority to register island land, but only inland properties. Moreno was a personal collaborator of the Deputy Torres. Meanwhile, David Fernando Torres is also the elected convention delegate for the PRD in Herrera, and is part of the group supporting the campaign of Juan Carlos Navarro, the General Secretary of the National Executive Committee of the collective.

Panama America contacted Diana Morales, who posted the ad on the website, and confirmed that the said property was in the process of being sold. One of the advertisements says the land is 149 hectares on an island, however of this total they managed to title 126 hectares, and the rest remained as possessory rights. The farm consists of about 3 kilometers of beach, which crosses the San Juan river.

The connections of this network linked to the alleged crimes maintain international contacts, and several of these have already been convicted of various crimes. The links of this network also referred to Roy Torres, elected as the fifth member of the Court of Honor and Discipline of the new CEN of the PRD. (Panama America)

Editor's Comment: Ah, so that's how the Martinelli administration is going to counter balance the reports of land fraud being committed by the ANATI and their own corrupt officials. They are going to focus attention on land theft and fraud and corruption conducted during the administration of Martin Torrijos, and in particular those PRD politicians who are now closely linked to their greatest political threat - Juan Carlos Navarro. Hence - we will have dueling land fraud, with corrupt officials on both sides. But what's the difference? The Attorney General and Supreme Court will focus completely on going after the PRD guys, while simultaneously trying to either ignore or bury the allegations being made against the ANATI and their own current and former officials. And for the rest of us the bottom line remains the same = all politicians are corrupt.

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