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Tuesday, June 18 2019 @ 12:37 AM UTC

Alemán Zubieta Finishes Term As Panama Canal Administrator

Canal Daily OperationAlberto Aleman Zubieta ends his time in office today, as the Administrator of the Panama Canal. Alemán Zubieta has held the job for 16 consecutive years, and he will be replaced in office by Jorge Quijano, who has 36 years experience in the Panama Canal Administration. Alemán Zubieta said through his Twitter account "I ​​conclude my 16 years of service. I thank God, my family, and my country for permitting me to serve during this exceptional time." He added: "My deep gratitude to the men and women with whom I had the honor of working in these 16 years. They are a national asset."

From 1996-1999, he served as the Administrator of the former Panama Canal Commission - the federal agency of the U.S. Government, which was responsible for the administration and operation of the Panama Canal until December 31, 1999. During the following years, he served concurrently as the Administrator of the Panama Canal Commission and the ACP, ensuring that decisions made under the Commission continued under the new Canal Authority. In 2005 the Board of Directors re-elected him to continue to lead the ACP until August 2012. (Panama America)

Editor's Comment: There are some who have mentioned the possibility that Alemán Zubieta might make a good presidential candidate for the Cambio Democratico political party. Considering that he has more than 16 years executive experience running the Panama Canal, and that he also has instant name recognition, he would be an instant "walk on favorite" and would probably win easily in 2014. In short, he would be a great pick, if the CD could recruit him.

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Authored by: Anonymous on Tuesday, September 04 2012 @ 12:42 AM UTC

Wishful thinking for 2 reasons: Firstly Ricardo Martinelli hates his guts and secondly he is married to the grand-daughter of Arnulfo Arias...