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Thursday, June 20 2019 @ 11:09 AM UTC

Martinelli Highlights Independence Between Government and ACP

Canal Daily OperationPresident Ricardo Martienlli said today is a historic day for Panama, and demonstrates the independence that exists between the National Government and the Panama Canal Authority, because he was not even part of the official ceremony. "I congratulate the engineer Alberto Aleman Zubieta for being an exemplary Panamanian, and for taking the reins of the Panama Canal during the most crucial moments, and I'm sure he will continue working for the country," he said. Martinelli said the day he resigned from the Board of Panama Canal, he told Quijano he would be the next administrator of the Panama Canal, because of his background and experience. Martinelli said the Panama Canal provides a significant percentage, accounting for 8% of the gross domestic product (GDP) of the country. He said the project to expand the Panama Canal will finish one or two months late, and he said it would change the international maritime industry. (Panama America)

Editor's Comment: I love freudian slips. They're so revealing. This morning, in his speech as the outgoing, former Administrator of the Panama Canal, Alberto Alemán Zubieta was saying goodbye as he left office. He was recounting some of the more important and memorable moments of his time at the helm of the ACP. When he started talking about the national referendum during which the Panamanian people decided to go ahead with the expansion of the Panama Canal, he started to say "and the people gave us their vote..." but then he stopped in mid-sentence, caught himself, and said the same thing but with different words. Meaning, today, at this moment in time, he didn't want to say anything related to politics, elections, political races, and he sure as hell didn't want to say something like "...and the people responded by backing me up with their votes..." Whoops. Your freudian slip is showing. Rumors are running hot and heavy that the CD is trying very hard to recruit Alberto Alemán Zubieta as their presidential candidate for the 2014 elections. In fact the CD does not have a very strong option who might be able to replace Martinelli at the helm, and many people recognize Alberto Alemán Zubieta would almost be a walk-on favorite to win - given his 16 years of executive experience, name recognition, and accumulated respect. Yeah, the CD is salivating at the prospect, no doubt about that. Well, Ferrufino and Burrillo might not be to happy about it, but them's the breaks.

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