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Wednesday, June 26 2019 @ 02:08 PM UTC

Jorge Luis Quijano Takes Over As New Administrator of the Panama Canal

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Jorge Luis Quijano - New Administrator of the Panama Canal
Jorge Luis Quijano - New Administrator of the Panama Canal
The engineer Jorge Luis Quijano, became this Tuesday, September 4, the new administrator of the Panama Canal, after having received the transfer of command from the engineer Alberto Aleman Zubieta, who was in charge of the important waterway for 16 years. During his speech given as part of the formal ceremony, Quijano said: "I replace in this position the engineer Alberto Aleman Zubieta, an exceptional Panamanian with which the country and the Canal will be in permanent debt. Thanks Alberto for what you built in the Canal, and for letting me be part of your team," he said.

The new administrator said as soon as he was informed of the Board's decision, he understood the appointment as the new Administrator of the Panama Canal was a recognition, not to him, but rather of the work of the men and women, who for so many years have made the Panama Canal a cause for national pride and international exclamation. He similarly praised with enthusiasm of the appointment a professional engineer such as Manuel Benítez as the new Deputy Administrator.

Quijano said he now assumes the responsibility, convinced that with a broad vision, hard work and strong determination, dreams can come true. Moreover, he added that the future of the Panama Canal is full of challenges, which certainly will not be easy, but that history has taught that "nothing has never been easy in relation to the Canal. It's titanic construction was not, nor was regaining our sovereignty and the administration of the canal, nor showing the world we could handle it effectively and efficiently, tilting its mission to bring wealth to our country, and to contribute to our welfare through its management, development, progress and improving the quality of life for all Panamanians," he said in his speech.

"Today the Canal expansion is in full implementation and within a few years Panama will offer the world and herself, new opportunities for growth and productivity. In this way we are preparing to capitalize on the first day of the full potential of our new canal, and it requires the confidence that the majority of Panamanians placed in us during the referendum of 22 October 2006," said the new administrator.

Jorge Luis Quinajo, be in office as the Administrator of the Panama Canal for a period of seven years. (Estrella)

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