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Sunday, August 25 2019 @ 11:18 pm EDT

Martinelli Promises The "Surprise Of The Century" Over Illegal Land Transfers

CorruptionThe president Ricardo Martinelli denounced as a "big heist" the purchase of land on an island, which was then sold again for $8 million dollars. Martinelli, after inaugurating an aqueduct in the village of San Martin, said "it will be the surprise of the century when they see who is involved there." Although Martinelli hinted the island was in Veraguas, the transaction corresponds to an island of 126 hectares in the Pearl Islands (San Miguel). The property was illegally registered on 14 April 2009 and $702 was paid to the office of Agrarian Reform. A foundation in which figures from opposition Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD) now appear as those who made ​​the arrangements. The farm would be number 300989 and is one of 88 state lands transferred to third parties, and in which figure lands close to the beach in Veraguas.

As for the project being inaugurated in San Martin, improvements were made to the aqueducts in Juan Gil, El Puro, Loma Bonita, Carriazo and San Miguel, developed by the Community Development Program (PRODEC). (Critica)

Editor's Comment: The PRD guys stole a whole bunch of state land before they left office in 2009. Martinelli is now opening up his initial salvos on these cases, which they have obviously known about for a long time. The reason? Now that the PRD has held their internal elections and selected their new National Executive Committee (CEN), Martinelli knows who he's shooting at. And specifically, they have been able to link some of the highest ranking CEN members to these 88 parcels of land, in an attempt to taint the PRD and Juan Carlos Navarro as corrupt. What about Punta Chame? The ANATI has the complaint, what are they going to do about that? Martinelli should immediately revert those lands, as well. And there are other cases that have not "broke" in the news yet, because the victims are still sharpening their pencils and studying their options. More to come...

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