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Tuesday, May 21 2019 @ 10:47 PM UTC

Ministry Of Health Missing $1.2 Million Dollars Worth Of Laundry Equipment

CorruptionThe building that is now being used as temporary holding cells by the National Immigration Service for illegal aliens located behind Los Llanos de Curundú, was previously going to be used by health authorities to function as a central laundry for the Ministry of Health (MOH). At this location they intended to do all of the laundry and ironing for everything used in their hospitals (robes, hats, bed linen, etc.), for at least 16 hospitals in the metropolitan area.

Although the place was somewhat secluded and close to the multifamily units in Curundú, a red zone, in 2009 the Ministry of Health made an investment of $1.2 million dollars to purchase the new washing machines and ironing equipment for this plant, however, that investment had its complications. The laundry center was never opened in this area. And, shortly after the acquisition of the new equipment, the amount of which is unknown, the then Health Minister Franklin Vergara made a site inspection visit and discovered that the site was abandoned, unhealthy, with damaged equipment, and they converted the site into a warehouse for expired medicines.

Where Is The Laundry Equipment? But what happened to the laundry equipment, in which they invested $1.2 million dollars, and who is realizing this work for the Ministry of Health? The director of the Metropolitan Health Region, Jorge Hassan, through a spokesman for the institution, said this equipment was transferred to the Santo Tomas hospital, and that they are responsible for the use thereof.

However, the Director of the Santo Tomas Hospital Elias Garcia Mayorca said they do not have this laundry equipment to which Hassan refers, and much less do they provide laundry services for the Ministry of Health. "I will ask Hassan when we acquired these washing machines, because I understand the Santo Tomas Hospital outsources all laundry and ironing services for the hospital clothing," said the doctor.

Meanwhile, at the Hospital of the Social Security Fund, the Communications Department reported that the institution stopped providing laundry services for the Ministry of Health clothing.

We contacted the Minister of Health, Javier Diaz, to explain where are these washing machines, but his assistant said the minister did not have time to answer reporters.

Editor's Comment: The Minister does not have time to answer reporters? What, too busy stealing $1.2 million dollars in state funds? You should understand that the Ministry of Health, the Social Security Fund, and the Santo Tomas Hospital are three separate entities who do not all work for the same boss.

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