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Thursday, August 28 2014 @ 05:22 AM EDT

18 Wheeler Hits Crane, Crane Hits Bus On Northern Corridor - Four Wounded

Traffic AccidentsThere was an accident involving three vehicles on the Northern Corridor. First, an 18 wheeler with plate 678226 from the company Alvarez Transports hit a Mack crane truck owned by the Norther Corridor with license plate number 701258. This impact occurred first, and then apparently the crane swung around and hit a bus from the Chilibre - Ancon route with license plate number 373805. There are four wounded.

Rubén Castro, the driver of the crane truck, said the accident occurred when they were using the crane to install some street signs, then they were moving the trucks. The police were controlling the flow of traffic and ordering vehicles to go around where they were working. Castro in the process of bringing down the crane's boom, a mechanical arm that can lift 16 tons, when the 18 wheeler from the company Alvarez Transports impacted the crane truck. This caused the crane to swing around and it hit the bus from Chilibre in the back on the left side.

Mario Elias was driving the bus. He said at first there was was the accident and everyone stopped, and when the crane started moving the driver did not check the boom, and he felt the blow when it hit the bus. In that part of the bus there was a pregnant woman, a child, a man, and the husband of the pregnant women who were hit but are in stable condition. (Dia a Dia)

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