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Wednesday, June 26 2019 @ 02:13 PM UTC

SENAN Raided Two Houses On Saboga Island, Four Arrested

Drug TraffickingNational Naval Air Service Units and authorities from Saboga island in the archipelago of Las Perlas, arrested nine people, including two children, during a raid on two residences. The incident occurred after SENAN authorities intervened in a fight among members of that community, because tempers were running high, and they feared for the effect on third parties, according to the National Naval Air Service. One of those involved fled and entered a residence and therefore, the authorities ordered the raid on the house. In the house, officers found 102 straws filled with a suspected illicit substance, two bags of suspected cocaine and a package of marijuana. In the other residence in the sector four people were arrested, two of them minors, who had a pellet gun. (TVN)
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