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Wednesday, August 27 2014 @ 07:15 PM EDT

Yet Another Case Of ANATI Abusing It's Power - This Time On Lake Bayano

CorruptionA senior government official is involved in an issue of land titling on Isla Paraiso, also known as Isla Guayabo in Lake Bayano. This is Panama's ambassador in Honduras, and his wife who are identified by local farmers from the area, who say they want to unjustly expel them from their lands where they have lived for years, and they claim they are making improper procedures, and also that these government authorities are using their influence to take their lands.

Telemetro Reporta had access to a document that sits in the offices of the National Land Authority (ANATI); a land titling procedure from Chepo, signed by the ambassador who had previously claimed that he had nothing to do with the subject, but rather it was his wife. The ambassador's wife said they have been doing this process since before her husband became an ambassador.

According to the engineer, Jose Isabel Blandon Castillo, who planned the Bayano project in the 70s, there is a complete "disorder" in this process, and he said not only are they selling this island, but also that it's been titled twice. He said the area has the lake and the perimeter of protection, which cannot be adjudicated. (Telemetro)

Editor's Comment: Hey, look! Another case of allegations of high ranking officials in the government of Panama abusing their political power and authority through the ANATI to get title granted on land, quickly and easily. I'm telling you, they are abusing the hell out of this ANATI thing. The snowball will just keep rolling down hill, and it will get bigger and bigger. More to come. Either Martinelli fixes this crap, or it will take down his party. My prediction, for what it's worth.

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